Cooking to Help Creativity and Relieve Stress

Creativity Improvements through Cooking?

With the rise of two income homes, food preparation and cooking has taken a back seat to microwave ovens, processed foods and fast food drive-thrus. This shift away from the kitchen was first initiated in an attempt to alleviate the stress of working moms forced to juggle the multiple roles of work and family. However, the pendulum has swung too far from our knives, counters and cutting boards leaving many forgetting that, in reality, cooking is a wonderful venue to enhance creativity and subsequently, relieve stress.

Cooking is Calming

There is something meditative about chopping an onion or peeling a potato. It is a return to that quiet place within us that nourishes our soul along with our bodies. Food heals.

If this sounds ridiculous or corny, try it sometime. Hone your skills at cutting a carrot, absorb the wonderful smell of garlic slowly sautéing in a little olive oil, enhance your creativity by adding or subtracting ingredients to make a recipe truly your own. Before long, you will not be able to wait to get into your kitchen.

Connect with Your Food

Our culture has seen a disconnect between ourselves and the food we eat, and this is not without consequence. Americans as a whole have become more obese, and our food contains a plethora of additives and ingredients most of which we have never heard of. Our meals are processed, made in assembly lines with the intent to be prepared and ingested quickly, and with that the fine art of cooking has been relegated to a luxury.

Cooking as Creative Expression

Cooking is not just a luxury for those with time. It is a wonderful means of expressing ourselves, relieving the stress of our hectic days and reconnecting to the basic sustenance of our existence. The more time we spend in the kitchen the more we crave the opportunity to experience its lure. Fresh foods cooked by hand, or even recipes our grandparents were familiar with, will take the place of those quick alternatives designed to be nuked and consumed without any thought to the taste or nutritional value.

The more you cook the more you create and relax in the comforts of the kitchen.

Give it a try!

Cooking is more than just a means to an end. It is a cathartic art that when done right, can heal us of more than bad eating habits. So take out a cutting board and heat up some oil. Some people even find calmness in sharpening knives with a whet stone. It is now time to start enjoying the creative and relaxing benefits preparing and cooking our food has to offer.