How to Optimize your Morning Routine

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Mornings are usually hectic.  They get especially difficult when you have more than one person living in the same household.  But even if you live by yourself in your apartment, it is important to have a routine.  This makes things simpler and even prepares you for any contingencies.

Today we will go through some steps you could take to optimize your morning routine. If you already have a routine set up, then you have taken a big step already.  As you probably know now, being disciplined is pivotal for an optimized morning schedule.

Why is an Effective Morning Routine Important

The human brain is only capable of remembering certain details of certain things.  This is why we tend to get lost in details and fail at some important ones.  Practice creates habit and when certain steps of action are ingrained, you wind up doing them automatically.

This guarantees that you will see everything done and without having to even think about it.  It is like when you learn how to ride a bike.  First, you need to focus on pedals, handles, the road, etc.  But once you have practices, you do not need to think of any details, it just happens.

For example, you can establish the following steps and repeat every time:  Wake up – Heat the water for the coffee – Take a shower – Get dressed – Make toast – Prepare the coffee.  If you effectively time these activities, you should be down to performing great every time.

This will save you time and energy, which is a pretty good thing in the morning.

Some Steps

Ok, so let´s build that routine, shall we?  This might sound somewhat cliché at this point but going to bed early is important to success.  There is really no need for you to sleep late, maybe if you have an urgent paper to turn in the next day.   Otherwise, try to get to bed early.

Not sleepy?  There are methods to make you sleep.  They basically involve you staying still for at least 15 minutes.  Your body will think you are sleeping and induce sleep.

Set your alarm for a fixed time.  If you wish, you can set a 5- or 10-minute snooze.  Some people prefer to have a  soothing morning alarm instead of the panic-inducing loud ringer.  That has more to do with your taste.

Use Time Effectively

The human brain can only focus on one thing at the same time.  Those who call themselves multitaskers are actually people who are really good at quickly switching from one focus to the other.  But the truth is that it is pretty difficult to completely focus on two things at a time.

But there are some vague activities that you could do simultaneously.   You can drink coffee while preparing breakfast for instance.

Take a good and refreshing bath but do not take much time at it.  When brushing your teeth, Dr. Yoonjeong Ji, from New Westminster suggests brushing your teeth effectively has to do with a good timing and proper cleaning.

Optimize the time for your morning activities by creating a schedule and sticking to it.  It might be difficult at times but things will eventually fall into place by themselves.