Using Charcoal Art as Business




Drawing with charcoal is an art tradition that has a long history. When colored medium just isn’t an option, charcoal provides a cheap alternative which equally captures your creativity without the complexity. When drawing with charcoal, you can just pick a broken piece of coal and start sketching, or you can really use a decent Nitram charcoal pencil and a white board as your media.

Secrets Behind an Awesome Drawing with Charcoal

Any decent artist would tell you that all forms of art depends on your imagination. A rich imagination is paramount in creating a successful art. Artists of all types are imaginative types. You can’t expect to create the next Picasso if your imagination is poor, therefore, you need to practice imagining sceneries that you can draw. As a charcoal artist, you need to be able to visualize how an image would look like in plain black and white. While a lot of imagery will look awesome in color, presenting them in black and white is another story altogether. That’s why, before you start your first sketch, you must have a good idea of what you want to accomplish.

Another secret to a successful art is a steady hand. Avoid doing things with your hands that would make it tremble. A trembling hand is not an artist best friend because when you have it, you can’t expect to have nice sketches. This means that you need to be nice to your hands. Always avoid manipulating its joint by making it crack or overstretching its muscles because this will harden your fingers and limit your dexterity.

Your mood is also a factor in creating a nice charcoal drawing. When you’re not in the mood to draw, don’t. It makes no sense in trying to start a drawing when you’re not up to it. Always listen to your creative compass and its leading so you can be sure that you are in the spirit to do some artwork.

How About Doing a Business with Charcoal Art

Doing business with your charcoal art ensures that you artistic hobby can be financed. When you decide to sell some of your charcoal art, you are embarking on a very realistic goal because it’s now impossible to sell a decent charcoal art. There are a lot of charcoal painting enthusiast that are willing to purchase drawings as a collection and at the same time to support their favorite artists. When you have established yourself with a good following, you can be sure that you will have a steady flow of income to support your hobby. Not only that, you can even make it a permanent source of income. Make sure that you can attach yourself with a decent studio that is frequently visited by people so you can be sure that you have a good exposure. Can you draw portraits in a relatively short period of time? That’s good news because there are people who love to have their portraits painted in charcoal.


What does it take to be a Successful Business Owner?

success_11Leadership, goal oriented, dedication, discipline – words such as these not only describe a successful business owner but a person who wants something more from life. Having a successful business may be attributed to science or a tactical formula and sometimes to luck, but one thing is for sure, it definitely has something to do with the qualities of the owner. A triumphant business owner has the motivation and has developed the habit to do everything consistently right. If you want to be successful in your business endeavors then you should mimic the good qualities of successful businessmen. What are these?  Read on.


Desire is one of the most important qualities you should possess. You must have the passion for what you are doing, do what must be done no matter what or make sacrifices to make your business a success.

Common Sense

Common sense is not so common nowadays. But it is actually the foundation of any successful business. You must have the knowledge and experience to make sound judgments which you will encounter. Common sense allows you to have a wise problem solving skills  to comprehend complex issues into simpler forms and get into the core to identify the problem and come out with sane solutions. They have a great problem solving skills.

School Health


Successful business owners don’t only have the skills to run their companies but they also have the discipline to maintain their healthy body.  Some businessmen hire a personal trainer to help them with their health program. They give high value on their health. Without a healthy body, an owner can never be truly successful in their business tasks especially if they are sickly. Physical fitness is essential to a successful business.


Business owners not only have discipline to maintain a healthy body but also have the discipline to get things done. They have a morning routine and plan the whole day. Their itineraries are carefully planned and they see to it that these are well accomplished. It is a matter of designing a lifestyle to fit every endeavor in your schedule. In addition, having a good lifestyle design gives you more control to balance every aspects of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Never Give Up

In business there will be times that owners have down times, or failure. These failures are ways that make them learn. Instead of giving up, they have the resilience to go on and learn from their adversities and mistakes. They understand that there are things that are out for their control, and still they move forward towards achieving their dream of having a successful business.

Self –Confidence

A person who doesn’t have self-confidence can easily get frustrated, demoralized and resentful, which leads to failure. So, if you want to be a successful business owner you should have the self confidence which triumphant entrepreneurs have. These people believe in their selves and are not scared to take on risk and explore un-chattered territories and make difficult situations.

It takes a great deal of work to be a successful businessman, but with perseverance and discipline, know that you will be able to achieve your dreams and goals of becoming a victorious entrepreneur.  Don’t be discouraged with failures and problems; look at them as lessons to make you not only to be a better businessman but to be a better person. Acquire the good qualities of well known business owners and continue with your venture.…

Using Essential Oils to Relax at Work

Do you always put more than one hundred percent and aims for perfection at work? Then you definitely are one of those hard workers who endure the stresses and pains of working every single day. All those backaches, headaches and back pains at work might seem negative, but for some, it can be a sign of being a dynamic worker.

In order to relieve stress and relax at work, what do you normally do? Though taking a nap might help you relaxed, you don’t have the luxury of time. In between breaks are not that long enough to get a good sleep. And taking over the counter meds is not always a great idea.

Relaxing at Work

Unexpected accidents, such as cuts and burns are common in work areas like construction sites, kitchens and bars. When that happens, you need to find a fast remedy to ease the pain and the discomfort that you feel. Unless it is something that needs the aid of a medical professional, there are so many alternatives around to help you out.

Although finding a perfect relaxation at work might sound odd because a workplace by definition is not a place to relax. It is a place where you have to use up your energy to perform your tasks. But what it means of relaxing at work is for you to be able to perform your job, without pains and discomforts.

Essential Oils Help

Have you ever tried using some essential oils to help you ease any discomforts that you feel? If not, then you might be the missing the advantages of the easiest and cheapest way to relax while working. It is proven by many, that there are lots of essential oils available that have helped them to feel better.

essential oils

There are some natural muscle relaxer that you can try, in which will aid in any muscle spasm and discomfort that you feel. These oils are a combination of nutritional supplements that can help support your muscular system. Muscle pains are often caused by overstretching them; overusing them or even if you keep your body dehydrated for a longer period of time.

What Essential Oils Do

Most essential oils help your body to relax and calm. The lavender oil, for instance, has that relaxing and calming scent that puts your entire body at rest. It is also good for cuts and burns. A few drops will also help stop wounds from bleeding.

Many consider the effects if these essential oils wondrous. Since these oils come from nature, it doesn’t have harsh side effects. The perfect combinations of the oils keep your body to feel relaxed and tranquil wherever you are. Even with all the wear and tear of working, you still can achieve the relaxation that you need.

If you want to have different working days and improve your productivity at work, then these essential oils might the answer. Check out the best oils around and see which one will work for you and give you the kind of relaxation that you have been looking for, in a more natural way.…

Don’t Let Nagging Injuries Keep You Out Of Work


Suffering from injury is not only painful, it can be a huge financial blow. This is particularly true when the injury happened outside of the job. Workers who incurred injuries while in the performance of their duties have some protection but for those who are injured outside of the job, the options are limited. If this is your case, although your choices may be limited, there are steps that you can take to prevent nagging injuries keep out of work. Read on to find out.

When injury happens, there is no point in being complacent. You need to act fast in order to protect your interest and keep your job. The first thing that you should do is to see your doctor in order to understand the extent of the injury. If the injury is severe, you may be admitted to the hospital and in this case, you need to inform your employer regarding your situation and how long you will be out of work. If the injury is caused by somebody else, you might also need to inform your lawyer.

The next thing that you need to do is to figure out how many sick, vacation and other leaves you still have to cover for your absence. This way, you will still receive your pay check and at the same time keep your job. After you have exhausted your leaves, you don’t automatically have the right to remain employed. If you can’t perform your duties, your employer has the right to let you go. To avoid losing your job, you have to do whatever is necessary to keep it.

Although it depends on the size of the company, you might be able to get some special arrangements with your employer. This means getting special equipment, different work schedule and even more time to recover. If your work can be done online, you might want to consider working from home. With the advent of mobile devices, a lot of things that used to be done in the office can now be done at the comfort of your home.

Physiotherapy North Vancouver

If you are from North Vancouver and a nagging injury keeps you out of work, you might want to consider physiotherapy as an option for a fast recovery. You can ask your doctor for recommendations for massage therapy to alleviate the pain and to correct your posture to prevent the injury from happening again. Massage therapy has been an integral part in treating injuries from athletes, workers, senior citizens and even children. This is part of an alternative approach to treatment that is steadily gaining popularity and 19th Street Physio is in the forefront of this development. Their approach is holistic and client centered and this means that all the factors that contribute to your injury will be checked the treatment that you will get are tailored to your specific needs. Remember, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your job.



Morning Routine to Find Your Zen

Wake Up EarlyEarly in the morning, you will find the environment peacefully asleep. Noises are greatly reduced and it is easy to focus in doing something such as writing, workouts, meditation, etc. In addition, waking early in the morning allows you to feel something so unique and peaceful. Therefore, we can infer that waking up early in the morning is one of the best thing we can achieve. Why? Because if you wake up earlier, you can have plenty of time to prepare for your day ahead and you will easily accomplish everything with a peaceful and calm mind.

Benefits of Waking Up Early

You will be able to have more time to prepare yourself with the obstacles and work that you have to face throughout your day. By waking up, say, at 6 AM, you will be able to meditate effectively, reflect and focus in writing something. In addition to that, you’ll be able to finish things earlier and you’ll avoid rushing and doing things with adrenaline rush.

The Routine to Find Your Zen


Exercising is a great way to tone your body for the harsh day that you’ll face. In addition to that, you’ll be able to awaken your body to prepare it for anything. You can easily execute anything with a fully awaken body.
I like to jump on my foam roller first thing in the morning. This gets the blood flow going and places me in a dynamic place! Once I’m done with the foam roller I’ll do some light exercises with resistance bands.

Waking Up Before 6 AM

Yes, or at least exactly 6 AM every morning. After that, just stay awake, just sit and reflect about yourself and what you want/need to do today and you’ll be able to execute them smoothly.

Meditation and/or Yoga

Meditation and/or Yoga is a great way calm yourself and it’s perfect to do early in the morning where there only a few distractions around you. Also, the calm atmosphere of early morning will help you calm down.

Be Grateful

Upon waking up, be grateful and have a peace of mind. If you start your day with a moody feeling, you’ll feel sluggish throughout the day and you’ll be having a hard time doing tasks, socializing and even enjoying.

Waking Up Earlier – How to Do it?

If you’re having difficulty waking up early, then all you need to do is to adjust your sleeping routines as well as some of your habits. The first thing that you can do is, of course, sleep earlier, but how can you do that? There are several simple ways to achieve it.

The first one is to make sure that you cut off any electronics away from you at least 2 hours before you sleep. That means if you want to sleep at 10:00 PM, make sure that at 8 PM, all of your electronic devices such as your PC, laptop, TV or iPhone are turned off or in sleep mode.

If you’re a coffee, tea or caffeine lover, the last drink should be at least four hours before you sleep. Caffeine is at peak after one hour and will stay in your blood stream for up to six hours and we know that caffeine is literally a way to stop us from falling asleep.

There you go, I hope you enjoy adopting your new lifestyle.…

Paddle Board Yoga to Relax

Relaxation is one of the best parts of being alive, isn’t it!?

Did you know the single most effective way to unlock creativity is to reduce stress? Reduce stress, improve creativity which improves your life & business.

Are you Paddleboarding? Then why not try paddle board yoga? Haven’t heard of it? That’s why you’re here, to learn what paddle board yoga is and why do it.

paddleboard yoga: relax!

What is Paddleboard Yoga?

SUP Yoga is a form of yoga but on the beautiful water. You can practice on the shoreline sand or in a swimming pool to obtain the strength and flexibility needed to keep up the balance and postures on fluid water, for example, the sea or a lake. Professionals and those with strong cores can start by traveling through a sequence of yoga postures, while remaining on a typical length surfboard or a specially designed stand up paddle board.

How to do Paddleboard Yoga?

As we have learned earlier, this is almost similar to regular yoga, but with an added twist, you do it on a stand up paddleboard. Before you start, make sure that you’re comfortable handing the board. Don’t be afraid though as it’s really easy and intuitive. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin doing paddleboard yoga.

Select a ySUP

Okay, maybe you’ve tried stand up yoga a few times and now you’re ready to make the investment. How do you choose a board? What types of things do you look for?

First we need to size the board. Too big and it’s going to be a boat to carry around. Too small and you’re going to end up in the water more often then not. That said generally speaking we’re going to want to err on the side of larger. The larger a board, the more volume the more stability. You want stability while practicing your downward dogs in the middle of the ocean. Trust me on this one :).

Okay, so what else? Well at the very least we want a pad or a mat to work on. Solid construction paddle boards are generally very firm on top. That doesn’t bode well. That said you can get pads that are made out of the same material as yoga mats. Pretty good right?

You wouldn’t do yoga on the bare class floor (hence why people have become millionaires selling yoga mats). Pretend it’s a classroom floor, bring your “mat”.

Better yet, buy an inflatable paddleboard. Paddlers Retreat offers some pretty in depth reviews on the subject. Onto the poses!

The Poses for your SUP Yoga

There are several poses but we’ll discuss the easiest to learn and best for beginners. The two most popular are downward facing dog and knee lunges. Let’s dive in!

Downward Facing Dog – Stretch That Back Out!


Begin on all fours. Spread your fingers wide apart and reach towards the edges of the board. Really spread them out. Place your index finger and thumb to the board. Twist your toes under and lift your rump in the air (and shake it like you just don’t care – kidding!) while snaking your neck around. Chip away at pushing through your hands, and lift your forearms way up into the clouds from the board, always reaching further with each breathe. Drive your sternum to your spine and activate the core, driving your heels to the ground to establish a strong pose. If your lower back is tight, use a slight bend at the knees. Hold for at least seven breaths or no less than 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

Don’t forget to enjoy your settings!

Knee Lunges

Begin in downward dog (the previous pose) and step your right foot forward towards the middle of your hands while setting the left knee down on your mat (oops I mean board). Keep your front toes pointed. Curl your back toes under your body for added stability. Your feet ought to be hips distance apart despite the fact that they are in two different places.

Make sure to drive through your heel and ball of your front foot – this is where you draw your stability from, and push through your toes and ball of your back foot – this is where you draw your power from.. Place your hands on your thighs for strength if needed. If you’re feeling strong in the pose, send your hands to the sky, palms up. Return to downward dog and reset your left foot forward. Hold each one side for five breaths or 30 seconds each.
Those are just two of the many poses you can do on a paddle board. It really is a great sport!…

Branding Your Small Business: Critical Steps to Success

BrandingYour small business is underway – you have a great service or product, a solid and unique concept. How do you brand yourself to ensure success? A great name and logo are a good place to start, but there’s much more to a successful brand.


Critical Step 1: Choose a name a logo that expresses your small business’ voice, and display it.


Depending on your products or services, and your ideal customer, you’ll need to think about the overall tone and voice of your business’ name, logo, and storefront. A boutique jewelry shop and a used sports equipment store will have very different branding voices. Once you’ve determined what kind of expression you want your store to make, you’ll need to design elements of your storefront to convey that message. Signage, inside and outside the storefront, is the first thing your new customers will see when interacting with your brand. Make sure you spend the time and money to display the same level of quality as your own product has.


Critical Step 2: Get your brand out in public with business cards, flyers, and other inexpensive print methods.


Get your brand recognized in your community. Approach other local shops and ask to display your business cards or flyers with your business information. Offer to do the same for them, and build up a small business network or supportive owners. In today’s electronic media-driven age, business cards may seem outdated, but they are still crucial to interacting with other businesses. It never hurts to send a customer home with a business card or two, as well. Having a physical, solid piece of your brand to hold on to makes a much larger impact than a simple post on Facebook.


Critical Step 3: Develop your Social Media presence.


That’s not to say that social media isn’t an extremely critical component of small business branding. The instant access for you and your customers to communicate is priceless, and virtually cost-free. Having a well-designed Facebook page, website, Instagram, and Twitter account are increasingly necessary for any small business trying to make it in the local scene. Targeted promotions, limitless availability to your customers, and instant updates of your business-hosted events are just a few of the ways you can use social media to increase your small business’ development and reach.


Critical Step 4: Promote more than your product – promote your brand.


Getting your customers to recognize and value your brand isn’t just about a quality product. You must invest the time and effort into having a recognizable and memorable brand, unique to you and your business, if you want to succeed at competing for your customers’ attention. Contributing the effort on the front end isn’t enough – continued maintenance and upkeep ensures your brand stays relevant as times change.…

Making Beaded Jewelry

If you find yourself seeking a new outlet for your creative abilities, then making beaded jewelry is one to consider. It is simple the master the basics, cheap to get started and you can produce a finished article within very little time, allowing a sense of accomplishment.

Beading is also a hobby for any season: in the winter, you can sit and watch the snow while beading but in spring and summer, you can pack a few essentials into a messenger bag for women or a tote and take them with you. Whether you are sitting in the park while the kids play or on holiday, a few basics supplies mean you can bead away for a half an hour no matter where you are.

Getting started

Rainbow Curve - XXOXX Bracelet - OTTBS May ChallengeWhat do you need to get started? Beads and a thread, a clasp and a couple of pieces of finishing findings, which is jewelry-speak for the little metal pieces at the end of a string of beads – it really is that simple.

To learn straight bead stringing, you need to pick a beading wire that is wide enough for your beads but not too wide to be awkward. Beadalon is one of the common brands and their 0.15mm or 0.18mm are the most frequently used. You don’t need to use a needle with this thread and it is strong enough to withstand quite rough handling.

When it comes to picking beads, you will quickly be like a kid in a sweet shop – there are so many to choose from! Start with a project, say a necklace and bracelet and buy the beads you need for it. If you are following a pattern it will tell you how many to buy but otherwise beads normally have a size on them. For example, when buying semi-precious gemstone beads, they are often sold on a length of cord 15inch long. So if you are wanting to make a 20-inch necklace and use some other beads, you have the gist of how many you will need.

Making the necklace

Making necklaces and bracelets use the same principles. Use a special clip at one end of the thread to stop beads falling off then thread them one at a time. Some people start in the middle of the pattern if unsure about how long they are going to make it, adding the pattern of beads to each side.

When you have your desired length, you can then thread a special little bead called a crimp. This is like a stopper, designed to prevent the necklace coming apart. You add either the clasp straight on after the crimp bead or an unbroken ring called a split ring then thread the thread back through the crimp and a couple of beads as well. Then with a thin pair of jewelry pliers, you crimp it – squash it tight – and this stops everything coming apart. If you have used the split ring method, you then add the clasp to it using the other type of ring, a jump ring that opened to connect the two.

You can use the same principle to make a bracelet and within no time at all, you will have completed your first set of jewelry. And probably been bitten by the jewelry-making bug!


Why did philosophers have beards, and should you grow one?

aristotle creativecomp

Throughout history, society has attributed varying values to facial hair. Traditionally, in most Western societies, the value most commonly ascribed to the beard is wisdom. This is also true throughout large parts of Asia, and indeed many traditional societies still – to some extent – follow this custom.

While these days beards are often looked upon with scorn, in the past a beard was a sign of a man’s supposed superiority. He had the choice to cut it, but he chose not to. Women could not grow beards, and in a male-dominated society, this was a sign of masculinity, and of men’s intellect. The assumption was that facial hair was God’s way of bestowing intelligence upon one gender.

Moreover, the beard repented wisdom by age. A young man may be able to sprout a small moustache or goatee, but a long, flowing beard takes years to cultivate. This is why today many Asian societies still venerate the elderly and why their elderly still cultivate long beards.

Interestingly, in Ancient Rome most men did not allow their beards to grow. Mostly it was due to the fact that beards did not serve well in battle, where a beard was a vulnerable point on the body that an enemy could grab and use against a soldier. But also,the reason was once again the association with wisdom, and as such only philosophers were allowed to grow beards. Amazingly, the shape of their beard indicated their particular school of philosophy!

To the Ancient Greeks, beards were more important. They represented virility, and if I man was required to cut his beard, he would not shave it, but instead cut a portion. Most commonly a beard was cut in mourning, but even then an adult man would not be allowed to possess an entirely shaven face because this represented a womanliness, and worse – it made them look like the Romans! As shave faces became fashionable in Rome, and beards popular in Athens, many an insult was traded over the slovenliness or effeminacy of the other’s preference.

These days beards are less popular in Western societies, so perhaps the Romans won the battle of the facial hair. Beards still remain a sign of wisdom to some degree, but more commonly appear as a sign of laziness. A beard trimmer is not expensive, and neither are razors and other facial hair tools, and so many people associate a beard with a lack of care in one’s appearance. However, a well-maintained and stylish beard can have the opposite effect and give a man a certain sophisticated look, harkening back to the days when beards were revered.

Altogether though, it depends on your face and the amount of effort you will put into maintaining the beard. It is better to be clean-shaven than have a scruffy beard, but a well-maintained beard will convince your peers that you possess wisdom beyond your years. Science also suggests that women are genetically attracted to beards, regardless of changing fashion trends.…

From Reading To Creative Writing


creative writers aboutIt may have been Ponyboy’s introspective, thoughtful nature or Johnny’s desperate desire to hold onto a smidgen of optimism despite constant turmoil, or maybe it was Dallas’s loyal heart that was well hidden behind the tough exterior accentuated by a leather jacket and cheap steel toe boots, but somehow my young son related to the emotions attributed to the Greasers in the book The Outsiders.

Childhood Loves

My mother was an elementary school librarian, and to me, that was the best job she could have held. Every day, she had unrestricted access to books, and that meant I had unrestricted access to books. All I had to do was ask for a title, and if a student didn’t check it out, she brought the book home to me. Who could ask for a better scenario?

This unfettered access to books developed in me a true love and appreciation for creative storytelling. As soon as I could read on my own, I focused on the pages that told of love, mystery, and teenage angst. Authors like Judy Blume, V.C. Andrews and Stephen King received my undivided attention. Oftentimes I would reread…and reread…and reread…the same story, such as The Outsiders, one of my all-time favorites. Once I learned S.E. Hinton was only 15 years old when she started writing the story about the classic battle between the haves and have-nots, somewhere in my subconscious I knew I would be a writer some day, too.

Passed On Through the Generations

Although my love for reading creative stories never waned, my desire to cultivate my own novel or short story never bloomed. Rather, I found myself drawn to the world of non-fiction, reporting on market trends, healthcare happenings, and interviewing newsmakers. I still get to write, just not original plots borne out of my imagination

Then I became a mother of a voracious reader. Since he was a toddler, my son loved stories of all kinds, from picture books to classic science fiction adventures told by the inventive Jules Verne to making up his own tales that entertained us at the dinner table. As my son grew older and broadened his reading library, I introduced some of the books my mother would bring home for me, including The Outsiders.

I was interested to see his reaction. Would it be different because he wasn’t a preteen girl? Would he connect to the story that was written nearly 40 years ago?

To my great joy, my son was captivated by Ponyboy and his relationship with his brothers and their friends as well as the complicated existence between societal groups and the individuals who wanted to break free from the “acceptable” expectations thrust upon them.

Inspiring Words

The thing that really struck me, however, is the fact that my son has pursued that creative area I didn’t. He has used his love of the written word and great storytelling to create his own fictional short stories and manuscripts. My son has taken his passion for reading and turned it into a creative outlet through his own writing endeavors.