Improving Your Posture Can Increase Your Productivity


Not only will improving your posture increase your productivity but it will also make you overall happier.  It improves your health, and it also makes you more confident.  Today, we will go through all the benefits of having a proper posture and how working hard at it will make you more successful.

We will take a look at some ways and practical tips on having a proper posture.  Because at the end of the day, your posture shows off confidence and it does take some work.  For most of the time, we do not even realize we have a bad posture, and even when we do, it is usually not something we give much thought about.

But not only will having a correct posture increase your productivity, it will work some other wonders for you in building confidence and increasing self-esteem.  So, not only for the sake of your productivity should you improve your posture, but for the sake of a brighter future ahead of you.

How Can Bad Posture Affect Your Productivity and Health

Most of the people who work in an office spend most of their day sitting down.  It is the most comfortable place to be and no one can imagine typing on a computer while standing up.  But studies have revealed that not only is sitting for long periods of time affecting you but also doing it incorrectly is.

A bad posture while standing or sitting down can affect our productivity and health.  By slouching, we are adding unnecessary pressure to our backs, which will inevitably result in back pain.  Back pain is the leading cause of doctor visits, only outnumbered by the common cold.  It is also the leading cause of disability for employees above 45.

A poor posture then has the unwanted result of making you less productive and also affecting your health.

Good Posture and Productivity

Besides the millions that poor posture costs to workers, slouching also has some other mishaps.  It stands to reason that the more workers with poor posture, the more people with back pain, and the less the productivity.  This, if you are a part of an organization.

If you are self-employed or run your own business, it is needless to say how a medical leave affects you.  So, it is of utmost importance to work on this before it is too late.

A proper posture improves productivity by keeping you away from the doctors and far from having to fill in disability claims.  There are also important benefits to our health that will ultimately keep us in good shape as well.  This includes reduced chances of suffering a migraine, lower stress, higher concentration, and increased levels of energy.

Most of our vital organs are located in the core, meaning that our posture has an important impact on them.  If we do not sit properly, we exert unnecessary pressure on them, keeping them from working in their absolute capacity.  On the other hand, when you fix your posture and opening up your chest, you allow your organs to expand and operate normally.  With this, you improve your overall health and become efficient and productive.

Other Benefits of a Good Posture

There are other benefits that a good posture can bring that will also make you more productive in the long run:

  • Research suggests that having a proper posture increases our self-esteem and makes us more confident of our own capabilities.
  • A good posture makes you more resilient to the pressure of deadlines and to-do lists.
  • A proper posture gives your lungs the proper space to operate at their full capacity.  A good breathing is essential to get an energy boost.
  • When you slouch you tend to be less positive about life and tend to more easily grow fear.  Pull up those shoulders next time you go to an interview.

Ways to Improve Your Posture

Fortunately for us, there are simple ways that can help you improve your posture.  Because let’s face it, we are not deeply concerned about how we sit or stand but until we face the consequences of doing it wrong.  Check out tips to correct upper back posture.

  • Different from what you might think, sitting in an upright position is basically killing you.  When the angle of your body is less than 90 degrees, your back suffers, but when you are at 90 degrees, pressure goes to your lower back.  The best sitting position is about 135 degrees.  This distributes the weight of your body between your back and butt.  So, make sure you can get yourself a chair that can provide such angle.
  • Practicing yoga will help your posture on so many levels.  Yoga helps you practice and improve your focus and concentration.  The best thing you will learn in yoga is awareness, which, needless to say largely determines how well you improve your posture.
  • When standing up, you must align your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.  These points should form a straight line.   Probably the most difficult part will be to keep your shoulders back, especially if you have not done it in years.  But don’t worry, with practice, it will eventually happen naturally.
  • You can get an extra help by using a back brace for posture.  One of the greatest issues about correcting our posture is that we cannot be thinking about it all the time.  We do need to set our minds in whatever our craft is. But using braces, your posture will always be the correct one without you putting too much thought to it.


How to Optimize your Morning Routine

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Mornings are usually hectic.  They get especially difficult when you have more than one person living in the same household.  But even if you live by yourself in your apartment, it is important to have a routine.  This makes things simpler and even prepares you for any contingencies.

Today we will go through some steps you could take to optimize your morning routine. If you already have a routine set up, then you have taken a big step already.  As you probably know now, being disciplined is pivotal for an optimized morning schedule.

Why is an Effective Morning Routine Important

The human brain is only capable of remembering certain details of certain things.  This is why we tend to get lost in details and fail at some important ones.  Practice creates habit and when certain steps of action are ingrained, you wind up doing them automatically.

This guarantees that you will see everything done and without having to even think about it.  It is like when you learn how to ride a bike.  First, you need to focus on pedals, handles, the road, etc.  But once you have practices, you do not need to think of any details, it just happens.

For example, you can establish the following steps and repeat every time:  Wake up – Heat the water for the coffee – Take a shower – Get dressed – Make toast – Prepare the coffee.  If you effectively time these activities, you should be down to performing great every time.

This will save you time and energy, which is a pretty good thing in the morning.

Some Steps

Ok, so let´s build that routine, shall we?  This might sound somewhat cliché at this point but going to bed early is important to success.  There is really no need for you to sleep late, maybe if you have an urgent paper to turn in the next day.   Otherwise, try to get to bed early.

Not sleepy?  There are methods to make you sleep.  They basically involve you staying still for at least 15 minutes.  Your body will think you are sleeping and induce sleep.

Set your alarm for a fixed time.  If you wish, you can set a 5- or 10-minute snooze.  Some people prefer to have a  soothing morning alarm instead of the panic-inducing loud ringer.  That has more to do with your taste.

Use Time Effectively

The human brain can only focus on one thing at the same time.  Those who call themselves multitaskers are actually people who are really good at quickly switching from one focus to the other.  But the truth is that it is pretty difficult to completely focus on two things at a time.

But there are some vague activities that you could do simultaneously.   You can drink coffee while preparing breakfast for instance.

Take a good and refreshing bath but do not take much time at it.  When brushing your teeth, Dr. Yoonjeong Ji, from New Westminster suggests brushing your teeth effectively has to do with a good timing and proper cleaning.

Optimize the time for your morning activities by creating a schedule and sticking to it.  It might be difficult at times but things will eventually fall into place by themselves.

How Regularly Visiting a Chiropractor Allows me to Unlock my Potential

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There are one too many myths out there about what a chiropractor actually does.  Some might even think that it is all about making bones crack.  But we want to debunk some false ideas or conceptions you might have about this practice.  Dr. Christian Guenette, who specializes in chiropractic medicine, says that regular visits to the chiropractor can help you unlock your potential.

Your entire body is filled with the potential for healing and health.  It is up to us to unleash this potential and let our bodies feel 100% good.   This is especially important as we are seeing more and more people around us getting sick more often.

“Our practice focuses on the nervous system.  This is the system that operates your body, regulates it, heals, and controls all the organs in your body.  So, it only makes sense that we focus on this system to keep the clarity with which it operates from your head, all the way through your spine,” Dr. Guenette explains.

Chiropractic Deals with Subjugation

Call it stress, trauma, toxins, or even thoughts, these all interfere with a proper neural pathway.  We then create bad habits and improper or even harmful responses to stimuli.  This disconnection is what we call subjugation.

The medicine of chiropractic works to restore this connection. Only when this happens you can reach a 100% potential.  This profession is the only one that deals with this nerve interference.   It is not about treating the disease, it is about taking care of it.

Your body wants to be healthy by nature.  It is its normal state and whenever disease attacks, which is a foreigner, it will naturally fight against it to bring normalcy back.  If you are under chiropractic, you are enhancing the body´s natural ability to stay healthy.

Chiropractic care basically makes sure that your spine is well aligned and healthy.  This guarantees that your nervous system is always protected and in check.

Benefits we Have Seen

People who put themselves under chiropractic have seen the tremendous differences in their everyday life.   We have seen and heard great stories of how people are feeling much better and reaching their full potential.

The following are some of the tremendous benefits we have seen in those who regularly visit our practice:

  • A better attitude towards everything.  Having a 100% potential means that you are looking at life with a better perspective.  No more gloomy days but it is all sunshine.  This helps even deal with heavy issues with the necessary calm to actually overcome them.
  • Better handling of stress.  We live in a never-stopping society where everything is moving at a pretty fast pace.  Our lives get packed with activities and responsibilities that might overwhelm us.  When we are living to the full, we are more capable of making reasonable and educated decisions that help us better deal with stress.
  • Boosted immune system.  This means that the body becomes more efficient at fighting foreigners.   A sensation of wellness fills your body and it is not as easy for you to get sick.

Make your consultation today and perform better in all your activities.  A healthy nervous system will be able to better perform and make your body and mind stay in tune.



My Latest Hobby to Unlock Creativity

Creativity can be unlocked in many different ways. You can craft stories, write poems, draw things, create an app, write codes, etc. But one of the latest addition to this long list of ways to unlock creativity is 3D printing.

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing. In this form of manufacturing, objects are built layer by layer starting from the ground up. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it before, probably even saw videos of it in YouTube. Perhaps you even have a 3D printer at your home!

My Latest Hobby to Unlock Creativity

I was browsing Reddit when I stumbled upon a post about 3D printing. After reading it and reading people’s comments about it, I started to get curious. However, it’s not as easy as it looks so I had to do my assignment. I looked up about it online and read tons of articles and even books in my local library. Every day after work, I would open my laptop and browse different forums and websites, participating in any discussions that have something to do with 3D printing.

I learned that 3D printing is basically a step by step process:

  1. Create or obtain a 3D model.
  2. Convert the 3D model to STL format.
  3. Convert STL to G-code by using a slicer.
  4. Print the model from the G-code generated by the slicer from the STL file.

Good thing I already have a background in 3D modeling and this is where I can boost and unlock my creativity. In case you are wondering, yes, you can theoretically 3D print anything that comes into mind! All you have to do is to create the 3D model by using your favorite 3D modeling program, convert it to STL, then convert it to G-code and finally print it! And boy it feels really good to hold your virtually crafted model in the palm of your hands! And also, finally you can have non-tech savvy people see your magnificent computer-generated 3D sculpture work of art displayed in your living room. Now they will not ask about what you do the whole day locked up in your room in front of your computer. You can proudly tell them that you are a modern Michelangelo.

3D printing actually began in the 1980s. However, it was limited to industrial uses and costs literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per machine. After the patent for fused deposition modeling (FDM) expired (this is one of the most popular 3D printing technology), 3D printers slowly become available for home consumers with prices dropping from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of dollars. Today, many people have started their 3D printing hobby, including me.

Now back to me. After learning about 3D printing, I thought about how my creations can now be turned into a real-life object. I can create 3D fanarts of my favorite TV shows and use them as a decoration or print a keychain of unique design or even print fully customized, specially-made-for-you toys for my kids! This opened up a new vista to expand my creativity.

3D printing, however, is not just about turning my creations into reality. It can be applied in many different ways. In fact, it’s already applied in manufacturing, medicine, architecture, and custom art. Some people even use 3D printers to create more 3D printers!

Now I hear you asking. What about us who are not good in 3D modeling or art in general? Fear not. There are many websites out there where you can download ready to print or ready to convert 3D models. You can find a list of free 3d printing sites all over the internet.

Now you don’t have to worry about creating models of your own but try to learn 3D modeling. You can easily get started by downloading Blender, a free 3D modeling software.

As for the 3D printing machine itself, there are tons out there to choose from, prices at least $200. You’ll need filaments, they act as the “ink” for the 3D printer. There are many places where I buy filaments in Canada, but I make sure that they are compatible with my 3D printer and with my intended output.

Keep in mind when 3D printing that the slower the printing speed is, the higher the output quality of your final product.

How to Best Utilize Protein Powder to Maximize your Muscle Gain

How to Best Utilize Protein Powder to Maximize your Muscle Gain

Let us start with the basics of the usage of protein powders.  If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, you work out more intensely than the average person.  This means that you are working on making more muscle.  Now, muscles are built from protein, which you get from your food.

Obviously, food is a great source of protein.  However, this protein intake comes with all the other nutrients in food, which you most of the time find in greater amounts than protein.  Therefore, an extra intake of protein might be needed. This is where protein powders come in.

I do believe that protein powder is something you must be careful with since, as with pretty much anything, you should always be cautious.  An excessive intake of proteins can actually prove to be harmful more than beneficial.

So, how do you best utilize protein powder to maximize muscle gain?  Easy, keep other practices in check.

Find the Best Times to Supplement

You read that, right?  Protein powder should be used as a supplement.  Most experts recommend taking a scoop of protein shake right before a workout and after your workout session.   The pre-workout intake is to make sure you have something to work with.  This intake will help you fuel your muscles with energy.

The post-workout intake will help repair damaged tissue by creating a perfect anabolic environment for your muscles.  It is also recommended to take a good protein shake early in the morning before hitting the grind.

The Best Time to Work Out

Maximizing this extra protein intake with heavy exercise is important.  The best time to do this is usually during the evening.  This provides a complete-day time to replenish your body with the nutrients you need to deliver an effective workout.

Consider the Other Nutrients

But it is not all about protein here.  There are other important nutrients that your body needs in a healthy amount. Carbs and fats are an important source of energy to your body, for example.  Just make sure you eat the healthy type.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

This one is simple.  Your body weight is 70% composed of water.  This should give you the hint that water is critical for your body functions.  Do not lose track of this one while putting too much emphasis on proteins and other nutrients.

Keeping your body properly hydrated is important to perform at the intensity needed.

Workout with Frequency

In order for your muscles to be built effectively, you must keep up with the workout sessions.  Waning down on the frequency can sacrifice some muscle gains.  Plan for at least three weekly sessions where you work out the most important muscles.

Before trying any protein powder, make sure you check out trusted supplement reviews to learn which one might fit your needs better.  Always make responsible and educated choices about your body.


The best music to listen to that will increase your productivity

The best music to listen to that will increase your productivity

The question is often posed whether it is better to listen to music while at work or not. The general way of thinking is that it boosts productivity and employee moral but a quick search on the internet will reveal a variety of differing opinions. Reading through some of them I was left with a simple answer to this old question. It depends.

One classic study on assembly line workers tested how music affected how they worked. Their overall productivity had increased greatly but based on what we know of human psychology now it’s more likely their mood was simply given a boost given the repetitive and boring nature of their job.

Now that’s not to say that your job needs to be boring and repetitive for music to be good for it. The main point is that performing any task which doesn’t require a lot of thought or verbal communication, in essence, a job that can largely be done on auto-pilot, is perfect for music. Having some earbuds plugged in can add a sense of isolation and allow you to focus fully on the job at hand. Other studies have found that music with a high bass is the best for this due to the rhythm they induce. Electronic music like that done by DJ Krista is one example. Depending on your role so as a tradesman, music could help you a great deal to get through the more repetitive parts of it. However, considering the role of most trade jobs with the risk of accidents and the need to work as a team, it’s probably best to leave the earbuds at home.

However, another interesting finding was that surgeons were found to listen to music a lot during surgery. Many of them felt it helped them relax and remain calm through a surgery. Researchers speculate that because surgeons are experts in their field music allowed them to relax and stay uplifted rather than distracted. And since their jobs are largely non-verbal any presence of lyrics in the music didn’t distract them from the job at hand.

In one other study introverts and extroverts were tested to examine the effects of listening to music which engaged in a memory task. Participants had to remember objects immediately or after a delay as well as a reading comprehension test. It found that on average introverts performed worse on this than extroverts. Especially when asked to remember an object after a delay. They concluded that this was because introverts process things more internally and find external events far more energy draining.

All this taken together what are we left with? Music can boost productivity when the job is a bit repetitive or the person has it mastered so well that they required less thinking about it. Though for those jobs that involve a lot of verbal communication and cognitive thinking, music can serve more as a distraction. Also, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert can also have an influence. Best thing to do is test out a few songs at work and see how you perform. And of course, if your job involves an element of danger exercise caution and leave the earbuds back home.

Five Best Men’s Water Shoes

Five Best Men’s Water Shoes

Have you been stuck in the gym the entire Winter? Well, summer is here and it’s time to discover the outdoors. But there is a good chance that your feet are a bit tender after an entire winter of hibernation. This is where the best mens water boots will come in. They will protect your feet from potential injuries from broken glasses, sharp rocks, hot surfaces, coral reefs, fish hooks and even sharp-edged mussels.

  1. Teva Men’s Churn Performance Water ShoeThis water shoes from Teva is equipped with a rubber sole and forefoot drainage that allows water to flow instead of staying inside the shoe. It has an elastic opening which makes it easy to pull on. When it’s from Teva, you can be sure it’s built to last and will protect your feet.
  2. Columbia Men’s DrainmakerFor sporty use, this is the ideal shoes. It’s durable without being too heavy, it’s built to last even when overly abused. The good thing about this pair of shoes is that it remain comfortable even after extended hours of all-terrain wear. If you are looking for a pair of sneaker to wear at the beach, look no further than this.
  3. Adidas Climacool Jawpaw Slip-on Water ShoeIf you’re looking for good support and fit, the Adidas Climacool Jawpaw Slip-on Water Shoe is the ideal pair of shoes for you. It’s durable and lightweight, it’s perfect for beach wear and white water rafting. This is designed to provide traction at the poolside, at the beach and while hiking downstream.
  4. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water ShoeThe Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe is a comfortable shoe straight out of the box. The Vibram soles are waterproof and dry really fast. It has breathable ventilation to keep your feet aerated all through extended hiking and in all terrain. It’s hard not to like this shoes especially when you’re hiking along muddy roads because it just prevents you from slipping around.
  5. Vibram FiveFingers Signa Water ShoesThe last but definitely not the least is the Vibram FiveFingers Signa Water Shoes. Wearing this shoes is almost going barefooted. It feels like a glove and it’s built to drain out water so your feet don’t feel soggy. If you’re a rower or a kayaker, this is the ideal shoes because of its thin, flexible and lightweight. It will be as comfortable as wearing nothing on.

Water shoes are also important for preventing you from slipping around. You can just imagine the potential injuries if you go outdoor and experience slipping through rocky terrains. These shoes are considered based on quality and features and even the prices factor. If you have any of these, you can be sure to face the great outdoor with confidence knowing that your feet are protected.

Do you have experience with any of these shoes? Why not share your experience in the comment section below?

Why getting regular massages increases productivity and energy

Why getting regular massages increases productivity and energy

Everyone loves a good massage. No matter what your lifestyle or work routine is you can find great benefits in having a regular massage. Apart from leaving you feeling great massage therapy can relieve stress, prevent injuries, detoxify the body and leave you with more energy.

That last one is this article’s focus. While massage therapy does not directly give us more energy the side effects do lead to more energy along with greater mental clarity. Professional trainers have been swearing on the benefits of massage therapy for years now but only in recent years has scientific consensus come out to support this. If you feel like you don’t have enough energy in the day and find it difficult to focus at work then consider making a massage a regular part of your routine. Not convinced? Read on and see just how a massage can do that and more.

Increased energy through faster muscle recovery

For muscles to properly grow they need time to recover after a workout. Massage therapy can speed up this process by increasing blood circulation through the body which will aid in bringing nutrients through the blood stream and flushing toxins out. This leaves you less fatigued which means more energy. A deep tissue massage is the best choice for this as it softens up the muscles allowing for greater circulation.


Less pain means more energy

Muscle pains can make it difficult to focus and think clearly. Whether its muscle or illness related, massage therapy has been shown in studies to reduce pain levels and lead to greater mental clarity and concentration.


Alleviates Depressions leading to more energy

Depression and anxiety can really act as a drag on your energy levels creating a domino effect that brings you low both mentally and physically. Regular massages though have been shown to help alleviate anxiety. It’s unknown exactly why this is so and the research done so far is far from conclusive but it is believed that massage therapy increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which is known to reduce stress levels.

It’s also well understood that high-stress levels can make muscles tense up which can lead to muscular pains. A massage relaxes the muscle tissues releasing the tension and leaving you with more energy for the day.

Leads to a better night’s sleep

Many people suffer from chronic sleep loss which saps their energy and increases stress. Just as massage therapy alleviates depression this in turn makes for a better night’s sleep. Stress is not the only cause of trouble sleeping; an intensive workout routine leaves the muscles feeling tense making it difficult for them to relax later on.

Relaxed muscle tissues and a distressed mind leads to a better night’s sleep and higher energy levels for the following morning.


Final thoughts

The benefits of massage therapy build up cumulatively. It’s important to stick with it to draw its full effects. Most professional recommend getting a massage once a week if regular exercise is part of your routine. If this isn’t an option then try to aim for twice a month. It’s also worth understanding the different types of massages to find out which one suits your situation best. Most professional massage therapists can provide accurate and up to date information on the massages they provide and who they’re geared for. Adam Harris in Vancouver provides free consultation to help you make the right decision.

Balancing Your Career With Personal Development

Balancing Your Career With Personal Development

It’s human nature to strive for the best. We want to be able to support ourselves and our families, but in this day and age, we also have endless opportunities for personal development as well. Depending on your line of work, these sorts of opportunities may be more available, such is the case with health care professionals, or maybe your personal growth simply requires climbing the corporate ladder. In any case, chances are that at some point in your career, you will have to balance your normal work day with other schooling, accreditations, your own small business, etc.

Corporate Professionals

For corporate professionals, things can be a little more complicated depending on your exact profession. For example, if you’re a lawyer, your schedule may be highly variable depending on court cases or where you are at in your career. This can make personal growth quite difficult and present a barrier to overcome. Here are a couple suggestions for identifying areas where your own personal growth may be able to thrive.


Surprisingly enough, many high-rolling companies are actually fairly far behind on the technological side of things (that is, unless it’s a technology or marketing based company). Learning more about how to assert your own personal presence online can go a long way. For example, if you are a lawyer and are particularly interested in a certain type of law, conflict, or situation in general, you can develop your own personal website that calls on your professional expertise. You can learn a lot of new and highly applicable skills along the way, and this could potentially provide you with professional rewards as well.


This may sound a little weird, but developing a hobby outside of work can actually lead to some success down the road, while also enhancing work-life balance. The only problem here is that it’s not guaranteed. Hobbies are a great way to network, especially if it is a popular hobby that you can do within the city. Just check out the hobbies of the successful. The better ones for networking typically revolve around exercise (e.g. spin classes, yoga classes, recreational sports, etc), which makes sense considering these sorts of activities are usually highly beneficial for overall health and can boost productivity. Other activities revolving art or relaxing can also be good ways to meet other professionals and give your mind a break, while also growing as a person.

Health Care Professionals

Again, depending on the exact profession, health care professionals can often improve their resume by completing further accreditations in, or related to, their field. This is also a great way to strengthen your knowledge base in your current profession, but it can also lead to increases in salary, better hours, and potentially a more desired type of work. For example, a licensed practical nurse may decide they want a further challenge and to take on more responsibility in the workplace. During their personal time, they may then study for something like the NCLEX-RN exam that is known to be more technical with lab values and other information that could promote a nurse to a higher level. The point here is that they continue to work in their current profession, they challenge themselves as a person and a professional, and ultimately, grow as both a person and professional in their field of work.


At the end of the day, the main takeaway point is that personal growth and professional growth are often intertwined. What may seem to be purely one type of growth could actually benefit the other, so as long as you are often thinking about ways that you could improve your situation, chances are you are already on a good path to living a better life both personally and professionally. All the best!

How Music Can Help You Focus in Business

How Music Can Help You Focus in Business

It’s a fact. Music can provide a lot of wonders in our life. Studies and experiments were able to prove that music can help a person improves in so many ways. Its effectiveness depend on which aspect of your life you are having trouble with. Listening to a good music will help you achieve the wellness and the peace of mind that you always wanted.

For instance, a study show that listening to a good song calms a baby. It also helps someone to concentrate better and improve mentally. That’s probably the reason why the corporate world even find music a good way to help their employees to improve their productivity. Playing a soothing and relaxing music at work would make a difference.

Focus in Business

This is not something that we commonly hear. How music can actually help you focus in business? If you are running a business, that’s definitely a challenging and stressful responsibility. It can be quite draining on your part. You probably have to use up all your energy just to get everything done for your business.

Running a business is no joke really. It’s exhausting beyond explaining. Since we all have different life aspects, it would often hard to put all your focus in business. You have to take care of yourself, your loved ones, your family, your kids and a whole lot more. And that’s pulling you away from focusing much in running the business. You’d probably end up giving it up.

Try Music

Then why don’t you try the power of music? Some therapist would even offer a good playlist to listen to. Listening to good songs while working might even help your brain to function better. It delivers a positive vibe on the human body system, helping it to function well. Thus you have all the energy and will to do the things to be done.

It would also be great if you can spend at least 10-15 minutes a day just to listen to a good set of songs. And while working, you can play a more upbeat music to put your brain in the mood for working. A pump song triggers energy and enthusiasm.

In most workplace, the management would let their employees listen to a song. Music is known to help improve the productivity of workers. It also gives them more energy to focus on their job and perform above expectations. Thus, if you have some paid personnel in your business, you might want to let them listen to good songs and help them progress in their work.

Not having the right focus in business or in whatever we do isn’t really a good thing. It doesn’t deliver the kind of output that we want. Rather than stressing yourself too much, try creating your own song playlist. Pick the songs that you know will help you boost your mood and will give you the push to do your best.